Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one)

Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one)

I talk about visibility regularly with my clients because it is such an essential topic to cover no matter the size, age, or stage of your business.

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Creating regular content is at the core of driving traffic to your website; without visitors, it is impossible to generate sales or build relationships with your ideal client. Establishing yourself as a leader in your field is a great place to start. However, before you rush off to write reams of content, ask yourself one simple question first:

Who am I writing this content for?

Understanding who your super customers are is the pivotal point for any business, big or small. Understanding how they think, what they need, the issues they have, and how you and your company can solve them needs to be nailed down before you begin creating any sort of content plan.

Picture yourself standing on the stage at a business conference. You are the guest speaker and get to talk to 2000+ attendees about your business. You could talk for three hours or more about how fabulous your company is, but only a handful of the audience are going to be interested. The others will be checking their phones, sneaking off for a coffee, or staring off into space. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to be a guest speaker for a room of 20 who need what you’re selling!

Creating a content plan follows the same formula. It’s imperative that you understand who you are talking to online, why they are buying (or not), and where they are on the customer journey.

Before we start looking at creating a content plan, let’s look at how we can maintain our ranking. Once you’ve got the content right, these other elements come into play, so it’s wise to have a basic understanding.

Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one) | SEO Angel

Maintaining your SEO Ranking

There are plenty of ways you can maintain the SEO ranking of your website in conjunction with a relatable content plan.

  • Optimise your title tags and include meta descriptions – after content, a title tag is the second most important aspect for SEO. A title tag is a headline you see on the search engine results page (SERP)

If you Google SEO Angel, you will see the page title tag is SEO Angel | SEO Services… this is what visitors and search engines see. Think of your title tag as your 20-second pitch message.  

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  • Establish your authority – looking professional isn’t purely assigned to face-to-face meetings with potential clients. Your online presence needs to mirror that professionalism. Being helpful, authentic, and offering examples of your work will help your super customer build a lasting relationship. Checking your online (website and social media) content is as good as it can be adds to that authority.
  • Optimise your featured snippets – a featured snippet is a small selection of text that shows up at position zero in a Google search, telling the visitor that your website has the answers they need.
  • Internal links – an internal link is a link from one page to another within the same site, like the one earlier in this post directing you to another valuable piece of SEO Angel content. Think of a spider scurrying behind the scenes of your website collecting information. The more internal links it collects, the more it understands your site and can recommend you to others.

Now you have a few tools in your SEO toolkit to help maintain your SEO ranking. When you create your content plan and write your copy, you will be able to include these elements.

Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one) | SEO Angel

What is a content plan?

Think of a content plan as part of your marketing campaign. It helps to place your business in front of your target audience by driving them to visit your website. Through sharing valuable online content with your customers, you share who you are, and how you are uniquely placed to help them.

Online content can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Downloads
  • Infographics
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies

Going back to your ideal client information and the research you did on that area; you will know where your customer hangs out online, for example, they may prefer to listen to Podcasts over reading a lengthy blog post. It’s up to you to create content that matches their needs.

Consistency is key when it comes to creating your content plan. What can you commit to? Is a weekly blog post sustainable, or would a monthly post be more achievable? Whatever you decide upon, stick to it, but don’t set yourself up to fail by over-committing.

Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one) | SEO Angel

Creating your content plan

Once you have decided upon a realistic plan, it’s time to do your research, identify what you want to write about, and set aside time and space to create your posts/videos/audio files.

Here are the SEO Angel’s top tips for content planning:

  1. What is your topic/theme? It’s beneficial to brainstorm lots of ideas for this section, so you have a collection of topics you want to talk about over the coming weeks or months. Remember to stay focused on your super customer at all times – what do they need to know, what do they need help with, what can you offer that will make life easier for them?
  2. Research appropriate keywords to complement your topics. Including keywords in your copy will help the search engines find and share your content.
  3. Use an app, diary, or calendar to keep track of your content plan and when/where you are going to share.
  4. Repurpose old content – it is perfectly acceptable to refresh an old post and re-share the content. Update the copy, check any links, and apply more up-to-date keywords.

Keep these tips in mind when working on the content plan for your website. 

Why a Content Plan for your Website is Essential (& how to create one) | SEO Angel

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