What is Voice Search?

“Would you say a search query in the same words as you’d type it? No.”


Voice Search is the convenient way of finding the answers we need from the internet.

Speech recognition technology allows users to vocalise their search queries as opposed to typing them into a search engine, offering a faster and more personal internet browsing experience.


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What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice search optimisation focuses on improving your online visibility for conversational voice search, it allows people to access internet search results using nothing more than a smart device and their voice.

The featured snippet which is the top spot in Google search, highlights specific information from an organic search result in a paragraph, list, or table format from a website that answers the voice search query. The perk of featured snippet is that they occupy Position Zero at the top of the search results page.

A study by Ahrefs, for example, found that more than 70 percent of featured snippets come from the first three websites in search results.  This is telling us your website needs to be optimised for desktop as well as mobile search and also voice search.

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Increase of 9K search traffic in 2019 compared to 2018.
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Voice Search Services

We provide voice search SEO services for businesses that want to attract voice search users, there are 3 million voice search devices currently in circulation, with 40% of adults using them every day. A large proportion of your target audience.

Voice Search Optimisation optimises your content, location, and brand information to increase your likelihood of receiving voice search results.

20 percent of mobile queries are currently voice searches (Source: Google 2018) 1/5th of people with mobile phones speak to their devices instead of typing.  Analysts predict that by 2020, voice searches will account for 50 percent of all searches. So, if you haven’t invested in voice search optimisation, now is the time.

Voice Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking is Everything

In voice search, only the top three results for mobile and one result for smart speakers. Ranking at the top means everything.

Preparation is Key

By 2020, up to 50 percent of all searches will be conducted by voice. Preparation is key! businesses must prepare and optimise for voice search in order to get ahead.

Speed Up Your Site

Mobile voice search users require immediate on-the-go results. Google has officially announced that their “speed update”, which enables page speed in mobile search ranking, is rolling out for all users worldwide.

Content Strategy

Provide answers, keep content fresh and regularly updated. What are your customers talking about, provide content in natural language.

Voice Search Visibility

Consumers who use voice search on their smartphone see the featured snippet at the top of their search results provided by their voice assistant, like Siri or Google Assistant. That result includes information about a company, business, or data snippet that answers the voice query and will include the website URL in the details.

We would optimise your website for mobile first indexing, optimise for local search (22% of search queries are for local information), we would also research and review website content to contain question based phrases and incorporate ‘near me’ into the website structure.

If you own a local business that relies on local consumers, we would also recommend gathering and obtaining as many reviews as possible, we would assist to build this into your mobile and voice search strategy.

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In our first year providing SEO services, an increase in web users of 17K compared to 2018

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