What is the SEO Visibility Programme?

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is about visibility, which is SO important in today’s competitive market than ever before.  It is necessary for every business owner to understand the potential of SEO, as well as the effect is has on the visibility to users and customers.

SEO helps your business grow and also enables you to meet your business objectives.

Our bespoke visibility programme follows the 7 essential steps to visibility.

We take you through each step, when you follow the programme and perform each task your revenue and visibility will increase!


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What steps does the Visibility Programme involve?

Our visibility programme aims to de-mystify SEO, to enable businesses to be found.

At SEO Angel we not only ensure your website is visible but your whole business.

Visibility starts with solid business foundations. We spend time reviewing your business passion, your business foundations. We look at your ideal client profile, their search and buying behaviors. We also look at your competitor’s behaviors, your social media visibility and your search engine visibility then we finally implement your own bespoke connection plan.

The full programme breakdown can be found here: programme details.

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Our Visibility Programme

Business Purpose

We start with your passion, your reason for being, your why, why you get up every morning. What does your service based business mean to you and the very core at why it was created.

Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client, how are we going to attract and woo them into your business.

Who are they and why would they purchase your service over the competition. Why are they your ideal client, what solution do we offer to their problem?

Ideal Client & Competitor Beahviours

How does your ideal client find you? where are they located.  What are their buying behaviors, how do we make a sale easy?

What are the competition doing, what are their selling behaviors? what can we learn from them?

Social Media & Search Visibility

We look at your business social media and search engine visibility, we look at the positive, negative and add our own bespoke framework steps to ensure visibility.

To attract our ideal client, and convert them into a paying lead.

Connection Plan

How will we maintain our visibility?

How do we ensure we appear on our ideal clients radar? and stay there?

How is the Visibility Programme Delivered?

Our visibility programme is delivered over zoom on a 1:1 consultancy basis.

To gain maximum visibility for your business our 15 hour ‘Let’s Get Visible 7 Step Programme is the go to guide for all businesses and is our main coaching package delivered 1:1 with the main business owner and decision maker.

Follow the steps to the letter and carry out all of our recommendations and you will see a 30-50% increase in revenue within the first 6 months.

How much does the Visibility Programme cost?

Our 7 step visibility framework involves 13 hours of consultation bespoke to the client.

We look at the following:

  • Business Purpose
  • Ideal Client
  • Buyers Search and Buying Behaviours
  • Competitior Behaviours
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Connection Plan

Complete all of our programme steps along with our recommendations bespoke to your business, our clients have seen a 30-50% increase in revenue within the 6 months.


Cost: £5,000

(Full programme breakdown available here)

Complimentary Add On Products

Success of the 7 step visibility programme involves time, effort and consistency.


As part of that consistency we highly recommend adding regular content to your website and social media channels.


2 SEO blogs per month written by a SEO Copywriter: £200.

Visibility Essentials

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