Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?)

Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?)

If you need to find a solution to a problem, where do you look?

The majority of our clients and customers turn to social media just as much as Google in their quest for answers.

Battling against the larger firms, who have a hefty marketing budget, can drive small business owners to invest thousands in a new website as they try to compete. However, taking a knee jerk reaction to your marketing plan isn’t a wise move.

SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media can work well together and offer a more reasonable alternative. Although your social media platforms don’t directly contribute towards SEO, the links you share can help with brand exposure. The ranking of your business isn’t affected by how many likes and follows you have on your social platforms. Still, it can be argued that adding regular valuable content that engages your audience to comment, does achieve SEO objectives.

Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

It should always be part of your strategy to help your super customers find your business site organically, and you can use your social media platforms to help you achieve this goal.

The value of social media

Throwing together a website without proper planning is like shouting a name in the middle of a Led Zeppelin concert and hoping someone hears you.

What’s the alternative?

Build your tribe and community on social media first, and then create a website.

The SEO trends for this year are all about prioritising audience-focused content, and there’s no better way to do this than via your social platforms. The most popular social networks are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

It’s essential to engage with your audience on social media in the same way you would through a website. Using prominent keyword friendly headings, hashtags, and keyword phrases in your bio and content are all vital components.

Focusing your attention on your social platforms is a wise approach. As you grow your audience, your content becomes more relevant online, and your business gains authority over a competitor who is relying on a basic web page with no SEO foundations in place.

As mentioned earlier, the SEO trends are all about an audience-focus, and after content, social media is seen as the next integral part of any search. The advantages of being able to narrow down your target audience by city, age, and channel serves your business end goal. There are enough analytics and insights to monitor your content and see first-hand the impact it’s having on your clients, which is an integral part of an SEO strategy.

Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

Never lose sight of your ideal client

When deciding which social platform you should use for your business, you must understand exactly who your ideal client is.

Our super customers use different channels, and by using your ideal client research, you’ll be able to find the one that applies to them and build a presence on the most relevant platform. You can read more about attracting your ideal client here.

You can only find that relevant platform by knowing how your customers think, search online, the language they use, and what content style they enjoy. It’s no good spending your time and energy posting content on Facebook if your ideal client uses LinkedIn.

By regularly sharing good quality content on your social platforms that encourage your ideal client to comment, share, like, and return for more, you are increasing the prospect of them clicking through to your website to find out more about you and your business.

Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

How do you share quality content on social media?

Getting to grips with your chosen platform is easier than you think if you adopt a similar strategy as you would with your website and blog plan.

Keywords are a huge factor when it comes to visibility and SEO, and taking the time to do your research will give you an edge over your competitors. Using a one size fits all approach won’t work, you need to tailor your content and keywords to match the specific platform.

Instagram, for example, is a visual platform that relies on extensive use of hashtags. Twitter’s etiquette follows a three hashtag per post philosophy. Hashtags are words or phrases proceeded by a hash sign (#) to highlight particular topics, industries, products, and services. They allow your target audience to find your content and engage with your business, which is why researching keywords for your social media platforms is so relevant.

What is seen as good quality content?

There are many ways you can share content on your social media platforms such as branded images, graphics, testimonials, case studies, how-to posts, etc. that will meet the needs of your customers. Here are a couple of examples that we love using with our clients at SEO Angel:

Video – The search engines place a high value on video content. If you consider the fact that YouTube isn’t only a social platform, but also a search engine in its own right, then it’s worth exploring the idea of including regular video content to your marketing strategy. Optimising your content with the right keywords, categories, and optimised description will help. The top four content categories on YouTube are comedy, music, entertainment, and how-to videos.

Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

Blog Posts – Repurposing your blog posts across your platforms not only helps build your visibility, but it reduces the stress of finding new content to share. Your high-value blog posts can be chunked into shorter posts for Facebook or LinkedIn with a link driving your target audience back to your website.

It’s worth remembering that anything you share on social media represents your business, goals, and values. The aim should be to get as many eyes as possible on your content, and for them to engage positively through likes, shares, comments, and clicks. By engaging online with your super customers, you are more likely to drive them to your website and turn those ‘followers’ into super customers.

Need more help to understand visibility?

I offer SEO coaching to guide you through the first steps you need to take to build the foundations for your business and understand who your ideal client is and what keeps them awake at night. I also provide advisory packages to hold your hand through the ongoing process. Get in touch for more details or book a free clarity call today.

 “Working with Andrea from SEO Angel is an absolute pleasure, and she is my first point of contact for any SEO requirements. She is professional, knowledgeable, flexible and friendly.
Andrea will be my only point of contact for SEO work, which is a vital element for both sites, as competition to each show continues to grow.”
Claire Smith – Marketing Manager (The Baby Show Portfolio)

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Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

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Social Media Channels are Search Engines too! (Can your ideal client find YOU?) | SEO Angel | SEO Consultant

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