Why Do I Need SEO Coaching?

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is about visibility, it is so important in today’s competitive market than ever before, it is necessary for every business owner to understand the potential of SEO, as well as the effect is has on the visibility to users and customers.

SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives.


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What does SEO Coaching Involve?

Our visibility coaching aims to de-mystify with the techniques, hints, tips and processes of SEO to enable businesses to be found.

If you struggle with SEO, are confused by the range of information about SEO, what the current algorithms require, then SEO coaching is for you.

Our SEO coaching sessions will help your digital marketing deliver effective and greater results.

Our SEO Courses

SEO Visibility Hour

Your SEO power / coaching hour is a face to face or zoom meeting, in the meeting we discuss your current SEO strategy and how it can be improved
You may wish to know more about a particular SEO concept for example: local SEO, Voice Search SEO or E-Commerce SEO.


SEO Visibility Coaching

We provide SEO visibility coaching for businesses who need a visibility expert with them along their journey. We ensure your business has sound business foundations, you are clear on who you want to target and how we are going to target them and convert. Please contact us to discuss your bespoke visibility coaching package.


Let’s Get Visible – The Essentials

We want small business owners to core principes to visibility. The 10 hour package covers: Current visbility issues, discovering your business passion, you ideal client. buyers behviour, competitor behaviour. social media visibility, plus connectivity plan. This is the complete package to ensure your business is found.


Let’s Get Visible – The Report

The majority of our coaching packages and sessions start with a Complete visiibility report. Our report identifies all the issues facing the online presence of a business.  SEO is about being found, about being visible and our complete visibility report identified all the issues to be rectified if you would like to be found.


How is Visibility Coaching Delivered?

All of our coaching and consultancy packages are delivered over zoom on a 1:1 consultancy basis.

We do offer bespoke packages should a business owner wish to receive guidance on one particilar area, for example e-commerce SEO.

However we believe to gain maximum benefit visibility for your business our 10 hour ‘Let’s Get Visible – The Essentials’ is the go to guide for all businesses and is our main coaching package delivered 1:1 with the main business owner and decision maker.

SEO Training

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is so important in today’s competitive market than ever before, it is necessary for every business owner to understand the potential of SEO.

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