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On Page V Off Page SEO

What is the difference between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO?

On Page SEO
Relates to your own website, not just all the elements you can see in terms of the textual and visual aspects of your content, plus all the technical aspects too, including the structure and quality of your code behind the scenes, plus your meta data and security. Is your site also user friendly? and accessible to all?

Off Page SEO
Relates to the elements not related to your website, backlinks or links from other websites, social media attention and other marketing activity.

SEO is a minefield! There are so many factors affecting your SEO ranking.

An SEO Audit from SEO Angel includes the following elements so you can be sure to know every issue facing your website:

💻 Technical SEO
💻 Keyword Optimisation
💻 Content
💻 Mobile SEO
💻 Local SEO
💻 E-Commerce SEO
💻 Voice Search SEO
💻 You Tube / Video SEO
💻 Website Performance & Accessibility
💻 Security
💻 Backlinking

We offer services in all aspects of SEO including technical code related issues like schema and copywriting from qualified copywriters who provide SEO structured copy.

Drop us a message to grab your comprehensive SEO Audit! https://seoangel.co.uk/seo_audit/

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