SEO Angel were pleased to offer SEO Technical Services and
SEO Retainer Services to Kitty Angels

SEO Angel

SEO Process

SEO Angel uses our own bespoke process with each SEO client:

Discovery, Evaluation, Strategy, Findings, Continuation

Our discovery phase involved in depth research, getting to know our client and their business. Evaluation enables us to evaluate our research with the client before any technical works commence.  Following on from evaluation we use our findings to form our SEO strategy for the website to enable us to undertake all SEO works on the site.  Once all works have been completed we monitor and report findings to our clients, these are reviewed implemented into our strategy and continuation as SEO is on an going process.


Premier Cat Sitters

Kitty Angels care for your cat when you can’t.  They are passionate about delivering a safe, caring and reliable service and have over 20 years’ experience in feline care

The family run business contacted SEO Angel in 2015 with a desire to better understand their organic performance and increasing traffic to the event website.

The core aim of the partnership was to provide the family with greater insight into their existing audience, their online behaviours, search visibility, and market trends.


Data Centrered Insightful Process

This part of the process involved a SEO technical audit analysis once we had completed the build of the site for Kitty Angels, we looked at desktop and mobile performance, behaviours in terms of organic, referral and direct traffic, industry, current trends plus direct and indirect competition in all areas facing our client’s web presence.

During the process we discovered issues in all the areas investigated, that directly influenced the website.  These findings enabled us to suggest improvements to the client to form an SEO strategy.

Our clients all require a distinctive and unique SEO methodology, enabling them to increase visibility, align with their target audience whilst ensuring they meet current business objectives.

Jason Ward – Owner Kitty Angels

SEO Angel have been managing my SEO for some time now. The impact they have had on my business is immeasurable. The number of customers who contact me having seen my business on Google or via a web search is amazing. Andrea has transformed by business, she knows exactly what to do to keep my excellent online presence. Thank you SEO Angel.


Technical SEO Process

Our data centred technical SEO audit from the previous phase enabled us to create a bespoke strategy incorporating business objectives and goals.

Our priority was to focus on the areas of improvement, this included keyword research and optimisation, content research, content recommendations, improving user experience, mobile usability and meta data using a number of advanced technique.

We continued to support the business with continuing advice before, during and after the event with ongoing content strategy, regular audit analysis and SEO reporting including statistics and recommendations.


Fully Inclusive Discoveries

The results of our works became apparent immediately, results can take up to 3 to 4 months to filter through, however improvements could be seen from the first week.

Numbers had improved massively; between April 2018 and April 2019,

Organic search traffic rose by 456%.

User numbers increased by 245%.


Ongoing SEO & Performance Maintenance

Our work with Kitty Angels initially came about from word of mouth, we will continue to maintain our level of technical expertise, increase results and maintain our clients expectations.

We identify our proposal on a month by month basis and how we can maintain our rankings and look to improve moving forward.

We lay out a technical audit and make content recommendations before all new content is added, along with a detailed plan of how we will optimise the site, new content and be on hand to consult via a monthly retainer.

We look forward to working with Kitty Angels 2019.

October 2018 to December 2018:
Oganic search traffic rose by 456%
User Traffic Numbers grew by 245%