What is E-Commerce SEO?

The basic principles of SEO never change, however e-Commerce websites come with a different range of issues that can prevent visibility. These could be duplicate content, optimising category pages with thin content or optimisation of product pages with boilerplate descriptions.

Each e-commerce platform is different and all have their own differentials, these can lead to generic errors to your site’s organic performance. At SEO Angel our in-depth knowledge of these platforms is something that we utilise when conducting our technical SEO work.


Here are a selection of the brands we have been working with

Can SEO E-Commerce help my Business?

Our SEO team includes degree qualified website developers plus SEO experts.  We have the knowledge to support businesses by attracting new profitable traffic, with the ultimate goal of converting that traffic into sales via the online shop.


Great e-Commerce SEO delivers high-quality, targeted traffic to online shops, driving more customers and generating more sales


We’ve supported e-Commerce clients in a variety of industries – from Automotive Parts to Antique Collectables – we have a broad understanding of SEO for e-commerce stores.

Spirit of Christmas Fair – London Olympia

Increased search traffic by 33K up 72%

SEO E-Commerce Services

A streamlined, intuitive shopping experience means nothing if your customers can’t find you online.

We provide SEO services which enable your business to sell products online, with results driven search engine optimisation.

Selling products online can be a lucrative for your business, ecommerce SEO gives you the opportunity to make more sales and more money by concentrating on making your products more visible to your customers.

SEO for E-Commerce

Improved Rankings

E-commerce SEO improves product rankings in the SERP results, which leads to increased visibility.

Increased Website Traffic

Increased product rankings attracts new profitable traffic to your website.

Enhanced Sales

Improved product ranking, increased website traffic leads to amplified sales via your e-commerce store.

Recurrent Custom

Fresh and regularly updated content, plus consistent e-commerce SEO. Technical SEO for online shops is something quite different from the traditional.

The Caravan and Motorhome Show

In our first year providing SEO services, increase in 15K of organic search traffic on previous year.

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